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Two drummers from River City Drum Corp

After School Urban Arts (ASU Arts) was created primarily to be a support system dedicated to raising operational funds for after school urban arts education & student/athlete scholar programs that have a history of providing education & civic empowerment for the constituents in their respective communities.

Relationships are the KEY.

Long term support and advocacy is all about relationships. The ability to maintain & nurture existing relationships coupled with the ability to continually create  & promote new relationships.

ASU Arts overstands that education based programs designed  to serve the community (specifically the youth & working class adults) encompass a broad range of focus areas including arts education, academic support, mentoring, youth development, career development, sports and recreation. 

The activities in which children and youth engage while outside of school hours are critical to their development, highlighting the need for quality afterschool programs in all communities. 

Focused and specific career development initiatives are needed for adults transitioning into the workforce as well enhancement skill set training programs.

It is well documented that the demand for afterschool programs is at an all time high; current estimates suggest that nearly 10 million children and youth participate in afterschool programs annually, 10 million in summer camps, and 6 million in 4-H programs alone (Yohalem, Pittman, and Edwards, 2010).

High quality afterschool programs generate positive outcomes for youth and adults including improved academic performance, classroom behavior, career improvement, health and nutrition. 

Communities and businesses also benefit when youth have safe and productive ways to spend their time while their parents are at work.


ASU Arts Focus

Academic Benefits of After-School Programs

ASU Arts distinguishes after-school education based programs from other after-school pursuits (e.g., single-focus extracurricular activities) and define such programs as those that: (a) operate on a regular basis during non-school hours throughout the academic year; (b) are supervised by adults who are certified and/or licensed and experienced in the areas of Arts & Business including but not limited too dance, theater, entrepreneur, agriculture and finance  (c) offer more than one activity (e.g., homework help, recreation, arts); and (d) involve other youth. 

Literature indicates that participation in after-school programs – in particular, those that offer both youth development activities and an academic component – may lead to small gains in academic outcomes for participating youth. Research also provides tentative evidence that youth who spend more time in after- school programs – particularly during adolescence – may derive greater academic benefits than youth who spend less time. Perhaps most importantly, preliminary evidence shows that academically at- risk youth may benefit more from participation in after-school programs than their higher achieving peers.

Research suggests, rates of participation in after-school programs remain relatively low among disadvantaged and minority youth – the very youth who may be most in need of academic assistance.  Studies suggest that the existing supply of after-school programs is adequate to meet the demands of low-income families, low income youth may be unable or unwilling to participate in available programs for reasons that include participant fees, poor access to safe transportation, conflicting obligations, and negative attitudes toward programming. 

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Sunday, May 12

This is How We Do It 4

5:00 pm

The Brown Theatre on Broadway

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Sunday, May 12

This is How We Do It 4

This Is How We Do It - The Musical is a story about The Middle Passage voyage from Africa to the Americas and the evolution of the American Slave trade. All the performers in This Is How We Do It are youth from Louisville neighborhoods; including Russell, Shawnee, Parkland, & Duvall.  

This Is How We Do It showcases African cultures and traditions that people all over America continue uphold celebrate and participate in today. Featuring  dance performances in African, Pointe/Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop and Stepping. Accompanied by drums, percussion, strings and singing. Participating organizations include RiverCity DrumCorp, The Lanita Rocknettes School Of Dance, West TECH, Central High Schools Men Of Quality & F3 Entertainment.

5:00 pm

The Brown Theatre on Broadway

ASUarts.Org Pioneering Members

River City Drum Corp (RCDC)


For over 25 years, the River City Drum Corp Cultural Arts Institute has been enriching children’s lives through Arts and Educational Enhancement.  The Corp was founded under the direction of Edward ‘Nardie’ White while at the Parkland Girls’ & Boys’ Club.  Shortly afterward, the Corp moved its office and programming to Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in West Louisville.  Since that time, we have acquired non-profit status and expanded programming to include:  Pipe drumming, Drumline, Percussion, Piano, Cultural Arts Enhancement, Leadership and Social Skills Development, Career Exploration and Professional Skills Development.

LaNita Rocknettes School of Dance (LRSD)


The La'Nita Rocknettes School Of Dance. Providing dance excellence in West Louisville for over 60 years. The La'Nita Rocknettes School of Dance has been the Dance home for thousand of dance students from all over the city Louisville.

Offering Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Pointe & African Dance The La'Nita Rocknettes School of Dance has been a pioneer for developing arts in Louisville for over half a century. 

The La'Nita Rocknettes School of Dance provides Cultural Arts & Educational programming doing non-school hours in varies locations in West Louisville for children and families (ages 2 – 18).

The La'Nita Rocknettes School of Dance has been a safe haven for young people offering more than just dance classes.

At the La'Nita Rocknettes School of Dance we help young people gain self-confidence, self-worth, self-value, self-pride as we assist them with gaining life skills.


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